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Who We Are

We are a listed company on the BSE that arranges for prospective investors to buy into or have JVs with Private Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships.
We have an array of micro/small/medium business owners who are looking for investors in their business and not not have access to the traditional way of getting equity and preferencial investors or debenture holders.
Similarly overseas investors find it diffficult to locate businesses in emerging markets, we bridge this gap with our services.
Our Investor client isolates a sector of their choice where they would wish to invest in India and we suggest the verified businesses known to us where the investors fund should be safe.
Similarly, we are contacted by various businesses who need funding in the form of giving up their equity or issuing out debt to foreign or indian investors, as they feel that bank funding is not meant for them.
We are a here to bridge the gap between investors and investees.